Keynote 1: Wreckonciliation and Whiteness in Indigenous Post-Secondary Education

Dr. Lana Ray    Speaker Bio »

In this talk Dr. Ray interrogates reconciliation in post-secondary institutions. Specifically, through an examination of student mobility pathways and Indigenous content requirements she demonstrates how universities have normalized whiteness within Indigenous education, and in doing so, continue the marginalization and erasure of Indigenous peoples. Dr. Ray closes with pedagogical and policy considerations to re-center Indigenous experience in Indigenous education.

Keynote 2: The Story of Us – Decolonial Perspectives on Virtualization and Normalized Colonial Biases

Romeo Fournier    Speaker Bio »

In this session Romeo examines striking parallels between his lived experiences working and living in remote rural Indigenous communities and the current state we find ourselves in within this new pandemic world. Romeo looks to unmask some of these parallels by utilizing a narrative approach, sharing stories, experiences, and lessoned learned from working with Indigenous learners who are consistently in the face of colonial trauma. Moreover, this session looks to examine virtualization as a pathway toward trauma-informed programming and the promotion of Indigenous ways of knowing which promote the creation of space necessary to find balance between our personal and professional lives.